The last 2 years have felt something like family Christmas; a lot of people politely asking “so… what are you guys up to..?”

It’s a fair question. We’ve been (figuratively) like Tom Hanks in Castaway; madly shouting at nearby sports equipment and considering self-dentistry. In literal terms we’ve been doing quite a lot of geeking out. Roughly two years ago, Spin mastermind Natty P decided it was time to do something different. Time to move cycling kit forward with something new. So he got creative. There was coding, there was programming, then there were lasers and rotating platforms. Then we added more people; an Chief Operations Officer, and a Media and Marketing nerd (that’s me). There were full whiteboards, pizza, and caffeine. It all helped us hit our peak nerd.

For those that haven’t heard; we’ve developed a system that turns a super-accurate 3D body scans into perfectly fitted cycling kit. Our working name for it is the Digital Tailor. The magic of the Digital Tailor is that we can scale it to basically any apparel. From speed skating suits to wetsuits, and from yoga wear to safety equipment this thing could do it all. Naturally that has taken the bulk of our efforts over the last two years, hence no off-the-rack cycling apparel for you to buy. You can read a lovely wrap-up of the system on StartUp Daily’s website. That system is still getting worked on but…

GOOD NEWS! We’ve just gone and made a full new release of 2019 spring/summer apparel. We’ve got two levels; Core 1 for the relentless speed demons and Core 2 for those who like things a little more relaxed and comfy as hell. We’ve kept it all very simple; black, white, and blue only. Minimalist branding doesn’t distract from how darn good you look.

Spin Cycle Clothing is BACK!

We spent the Tour Down Under getting involved with Treadly’s MAKER festival and slinging sweet kit to the general public who came by to see the new range. If you came by, thankyou! It’s great to be back. On the new range, we have 10% off everything until the end of January with the code TDU2019 so have a peruse through and get a great deal! We would never usually discount such new gear but we want to come back with a bang!

We’re stoked. Seriously, so very chuffed to be back and selling gear again. We hope all the people who’ve enjoyed our kit in the past get into some of the new range. It’s better. Much better. The Gravier CC team have been wearing it for months, as we have ourselves, and it’s outstanding.

That’s not all though; we’ve got some more services that’ll be launching in the next few weeks once we’ve done some testing and tweaking. Naturally, we’re still doing custom kits for groups and individuals so shoot through an email to if you want to get yourself decked out.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts because we’ll make a few announcements in the coming weeks.

Until then; ride safe, be awesome, and new cycling kit does make you a measurably better human.

Author James Raison

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