Adelaide’s own Spin Cycle Clothing has developed groundbreaking new technology that will change the way we think about buying apparel. It’s all designed in Adelaide, and exported to the world.

CEO Nathaniel Peek founded Spin Cycle Clothing in 2014 with the intention of “using my software and technology background to make the best cycling clothes possible. I did everything from design, fabric choices, customer service, logistics, and communicating with the factories in China.”

The company soon began receiving positive feedback, with customers and media impressed with the quality and value that Nat was squeezing into the product.

Not satisfied with existing inside the market status quo, Nat began thinking of ways to integrate his considerable skill set into the process. He began drawing on his decade in 3d software design and animation:

“I wanted to remove the abstraction of designing for a 3D person using only 2D tools. I’ve always been able to visualise in 3D, which is a difficult thing to do, but I wanted to remove imagination from the process.”

That was when Nat created a new process to merge customers’ physical measurements with information from the fabric and textile industry.

“It begins with taking a 3D body scan of a customer. It takes about 30 seconds and I have a fully rendered model of the person within a couple of minutes. From there I developed my own way to bridge the scan results with software used by fabric and textile makers. With all that information I can make the best fitting, fully customised clothing for the individual.”

While the technology is currently focused on cycling apparel, this process and technology can be used to make any clothing. Nat explains;

“The sky’s the limit once you have the 3D scan and the right information about the fabrics you’re using. It could be used for custom jeans, activewear, wedding dresses, suits, or formal wear. Anywhere there’s a customer who wants clothes tailored to them.”

Spin Cycle Clothing is where Nat plans to develop and refine the process, but he has no intention of stopping there;

“I’ve been a passionate cyclist for most of my life so it was only natural to apply this tech there first. It’s certainly not going to stop there! This process applies globally, and I’m already planning a strategy to take it to companies around the world.”

Nat has deliberately chosen Adelaide to base his operations, believing it’s a perfect base to start:

“Adelaide is a great city to ride bikes and the cycling culture is fantastic here. There’s a stack of underutilised talent too. I’ve already assembled a small team of locals who I believe will propel this company to global success. There’s plenty of opportunities to find great real estate in, or near, the CBD that’s affordable to a small business who’s looking to expand. The final bonus is the lifestyle that Adelaide offers. Myself and my team can all live here with our families and enjoy a great balance of living and working.”

The ambitions are global, but the immediate future is very local for Nat;

“The Spin Cycle team can’t wait to get going. Once a few things fall into place we’ll be hitting the ground hard. We think you’ll hear a lot about us in the next few years. We can’t wait!”


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