We love custom kit and we’ve expanded our options to give you more choice than ever.


You can have a fully custom design printed on our CORE 1 or CORE 2 ranges. Do you know what the best part is? It costs the same.

All you do is drop a deposit on the kit up-front and we’ll start the design consultation with you. Our hotshot designers will help bring your look to life.

Our custom process gives you so many options. You can have your design printed on one of our winter jackets. You can get matching warmers or socks made. Any of your mates can have their own kits made from your design.

Need some inspiration? Check out our custom designs page to see what other customers have done.

We keep the design process free by making the deposit non-refundable. You still get the design files if you choose not to get the kit made.


The Laser Tailor is the pinnacle of custom cycling kit. We’ve made a system of turning a full 3D scan of your body into the best fitting gear money can buy. It’s only available in a couple of stores for now.

Go check out our Laser Tailor page for a full explanation of the system and process.