Let’s cut right to it; we’re closing Spin Cycle Clothing but for an awesome reason. That means all you lovely people can grab an absurd bargain on all our remaining Spin Cycle Clothing stock. 50% off everything until gone.


We left the market for a couple of years to create our custom tailoring process using 3D body scans and software we’d developed. We wanted to make the best fitting and best performing cycling gear possible. It’s incredible tech, but the market for very high-end-custom-tailored cycling apparel is unsurprisingly small. So we pivoted to focus on medical applications of the same technology. Within weeks we had a major investment from a medical company who wanted to integrate our tech into their health platform and give us the funds to develop further. Soon we’ll be making medical garments to help a whole range of people, all over the world, to improve their health through apparel. So, goodbye Spin Cycle Clothing and hello to our new company Biomorphik.


We’re leaving the Spin Cycle brand behind but we’ll be back making active apparel under the Biomorphik Active moniker. It’s likely we’ll dabble in cycling apparel eventually but it’s unlikely that we’ll bring a full range back to market. Most likely we’ll service the few customers (think teams and sporting bodies) that need the highest quality kit possible.


  • There’s no free postage option on these prices.
  • Local pickup is available from our new office in the Adelaide CBD.
  • We can’t do returns or exchanges. It’s a liquidation sale. Stock will be selling quickly and we aren’t making any more.

Author James Raison

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