Croydon, South Australia
(08) 7222 4973

About Spin Cycle Clothing

Spin Cycle Clothing grew out of a need and want of high quality cycling clothing for riding and racing.  Over the past 12 months Spin Cycle Clothing has developed into a brand that can offer this and has matured into a leading brand.  Recently there has been some big names get on board from fabrics to chamois we are stoked to be able to offer our customers all the best technologies and features of high end cycling clothing.

We are continually testing new technologies, patterns and fabrics with some of the best known Australian riders and we will continue to test until we know we have the best cycling clothing on the market.

Development of chamois and cuts will continue into the future working towards the best fitting and feeling clothing for the modern cyclist, a cyclist that is cross discipline and needs confidence and comfort, whether it is a 12 hour mountain bike race, short intense cyclocross race or a day out riding the B roads with mates Spin cycling clothing is ready for anything.  Cool in summer and warm in winter Spin Cycle Clothing is developed for Australian conditions.

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